District Plan Review - Stakeholder Feedback

The Napier District Plan is a “rulebook” which manages how and where development can occur. It is one tool in our toolbox for building our home, our future. A District Plan Review only occurs once every 10 years. This is our opportunity to shape the strategic direction of this important planning document, and to put in place provisions which will help us achieve that direction.


We have identified key principles and strategic objectives for the District Plan Review. We are also considering options to help us achieve the strategic direction through the District Plan.  Your feedback on the draft strategic objectives and on our early ideas for each topic will help inform development of the content for the draft District Plan, due for release and consultation in early 2020. To have your say, please complete the feedback forms for topics of interest to you by clicking on the below button.

To provide feedback on the six key outcomes from the video, please complete our short survey here.

View a summary of our draft strategic direction for the District Plan Review, including outcomes, key principles and strategic objectives.

View the stakeholder pre-engagement presentation slides here.