Rates Remission Policy

About the policy

The Rates Remission Policy sets out the circumstances in which Council may use its discretion to reduce the amount of rates charged against properties.


Your feedback

Council proposes to make changes to its Rates Remission Policy. Amendments are highlighted in yellow and include;

1.   Make the Chief Financial Officer responsible for managing the Rates Remission Policy (instead of the Corporate Services Manager)

2.   Include a clause to allow for the reduction of 'water by meter' rates in certain circumstances

3.   Include a clause to allow additional flexibility for Council to cancel rates penalties in certain circumstances

4.   Remove text in clause 4 relating to remission on adjoining properties, as this is already a statutory adjustment that must be made

5.   Add an additional clause to allow Council to provide temporary relief where there is a substantial change to the rates payable due to a change in policy or other change.

What happens next

Your feedback will be considered by Council and a decision will be made to adopt the proposed amendments to the policy in June 2019.

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