Revenue and Financing Policy

About the policy

The Revenue and Financing Policy sets out the way Council plans to fund operating expenses and capital expenditure.  The requirements of a Revenue and Financing Policy are outlined in section 103 of the Local Government Act 2002.

Councils' Fees and Charges for 2019/20 are available to view.

Council adopted the current Revenue and Financing policy in June 2018. A copy of the policy is included in Council’s Long Term Plan 2018-28.



Your feedback

Napier City Council proposes to change its Revenue and Financing Policy.  These are highlighted in yellow and include:

1.   A new targeted rate on 12 properties within a defined area that will benefit from building a revetment (rock wall) adjacent to Whakarire Avenue.  The affected residents on Whakarire Ave are being contacted directly regarding this proposal. For further information about how council decided upon the funding split, please refer to the council reports and minutes below:

16 October Finance Committee Meeting:

30 October Council Meeting:

11 December Council Meeting:

2.   A change to the funding range for animal control activity. The range changes from Low (0-19% General Rates) to Low-Med (20-39% General Rates). 

3.   Changes in the wording to clarify the different Council rates and the rating formula applied.

What happens next?

Your feedback will be considered by Council and a decision will be made to adopt the proposed amendments to the policy in June 2019.

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